Les Clés de La Maison : a truly, genuinely different real estate agency in Burgundy

Buying a flat or a house is one of life’s important events. Home is too special a place to be chosen lightly. This is why at Les Clés de la Maison we will pay special attention in selecting the properties we will show you so that you may easily find your own “Home Sweet Home”.


Very often, one sells a property to buy another and timing really matters. With enthusiasm, professionalism and efficiency, at Les Clés de la Maison we will do everything to complete the best possible sale as quickly as possible.

At Les Clés de la Maison we will also advise you with your purchase and sale plans: we can give you hints on highlighting your property, to increase its salability, or advise you on how to take full advantage on the property you are planning to buy. Come and see us and find out what we can do.